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Island Air Charters Enhance Your Trip!

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Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard Travel Made Easy

Are you planning travel to New England's treasured islands - Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard - some time soon?  If you haven’t considered private air charter for your trip, you may be missing the best opportunity to subtract wasted time and aggravation from your travels - while adding a luxury experience to your trip and gaining additional time to enjoy your holiday.

Consider the way a private air charter would change your next island get-away, for you, your friends or your family!

Traveling to Nantucket

When heNantucket_Island_.jpgaded to Nantucket, many choose to drive or fly to Hyannis and then travel by ferry from there to the island.  Local travelers driving to the Cape at the height of the summer season already know what’s in store. Traveling from Boston to Hyannis by car for example can be an undesirable two to three hour drive.

Smart travelers arrive ahead of schedule to ensure desired ferry seating—and that means added time waiting for the ferry on top of time already spent on the road.

If you haven’t planned ahead and secured ferry tickets prior to your trip, seats on the boat at your desired departure time may not be available…and that can translate to additional time spent waiting for the next boat—or possibly even the next day!

Thankfully, Nantucket has its own airport, so travails of the road can be avoided, but depending on your point of departure, a plane-change may be in store.

While those flying into Logan airport and then taking a connecting flight to the island avoid driving and ferry issues, all the usual travel stresses remain. TSA lines, missed connections, and lost luggage can plague travelers on commercial flights.  And kicking off your holiday without your golf clubs is not the best way to relax!

Traveling to Martha’s Vineyard

Marthas_Vineyard_Island.pngTravelling to Martha’s Vineyard includes similar travel challenges, with travel by sea or air required.

Ferries depart from the Cape at Wood’s Hole, which, like Nantucket, means a road trip with congested seasonal traffic is likely in the cards.

For those travelling by air, connecting flights depart from Hyannis just like thoes to Nantucket, and this similarly eases some travel burdens - while adding others.

...Air Charter Changes Everything!

Imagine how convenient it would be to fly right from the airport located closest to you, directly to any of these island destinations, at the time of day that best suits your schedule—and without the need for a long car ride or ferry connection.  How much would it mean to you to have more time to spend with your family and loved ones, while spending less time in your car?

When you charter a private plane, the most important person on the plane is you!  If you’re running behind schedule? Your plane will wait. If your schedule changes completely?  Your itinerary can also be completely changed.

Depending on your point of departure, your trip may still need to accommodate fuel stops, but you won’t need to worry about missed connections any more.  If you take too long at the coffee shop, you don’t need to worry that your plane will take off without you.  It won’t!

While you still need to follow required security procedures, you won’t ever find yourself waiting in a TSA line.

Island Air Travel – with all the Amenities

Beyond the efficiency and convenience of air charter service, you’ll also enjoy the exceptional experience of private travel that can accommodate all your needs and desires.  Catering services can provide for your choice of meals and refreshments.  In-flight entertainment can fill the cabin with your favorite music or keep your children entertained with a family movie.  The possibilities Cessna_414A_Chancellor_for_Island_Air_Charter.pngare endless.

Sinking into luxurious private plane seating – without an elbow at your side or someone else’s baggage at your feet will change the way you think about air travel.  And your island state-of-mind can begin the moment you step on the plane rather than the moment you de-board!

We offer a full range of private charter aircraft to accommodate every need, including our own private fleet of outstanding aircraft models.  Our twin engine cessna 414A Chancellor seats up to seven and is a luxurious and efficient option for short to medium-range travels to the islands and more! 

Call us today to book your next island air charter flight!  (781) 834-4928

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