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Cessna Citation Excel Jet for Air Charter

Cabin Length: 18.5 ft.
Cabin Width: 5.6 ft.
Cabin Height: 5.7 ft.
Passengers: Up to 8
Max. Range: 1,600 mi.
Cruising Speed: 492 mph
Citation Excel XL Air Charter


Cessna Citation XL Mid-Size Jet for Private & Business Air Charter Flights

If you're looking to travel in style, you'll find a great combination of comfort, aesthetics and functionality in the Cessna Citation Excel.  The Citation Excel's unique combination of features all coalesce to accommodate and serve your unique flight needs - while delighting your sensibilities!

A more comfortable trip

As a luxury private jet, the Excel has all of the feature's you'd expect from a luxury air charter - a modern interior, comfortable seating, and decadent furnishings.  There are foldout tables as well as sliding headrests — so they are there when you need them, and out of your way when you don't.

The cabin has both standup headroom and a dropped center aisle, so when you decide to leave your seat you can move about the cabin more comfortably. 

more versatile travel

The Citation Excel has a number of features that make it an amazingly versatile choice for charter jet travel:

  • Short Take Off Distance - The Citation Excel can take off in distances as short as 3,590 feet; the shortest of any midsized jet.  That versatility provides a wider range of airports to choose from.
  • Lots of Storage - There is both an internal closet as well as an 80 cubic foot external storage space so you've got room to transport more than just people.
  • Fast Ascent - The Excel can get up to its cruise level in just 18 minutes, so you spend the least possible amount of time restricted in your seat.
  • Multiple Seat Arrangements - Depending on the travel needs of your group, the Excel has multiple different seating accommodations that includes one with a 3-seat divan.

a more productive journey

Nothing more disappointing than planning to have a meeting or simply quiet time to get work done on a charter flight, only to find that the background noise is so great it makes that impossible.  The Excel is exceptionally quiet due to a uniquely triple sealed entry door coupled with triple paned windows.  These features combine to give you an exceptionally quiet space in which you can be focused  — productive.

All our Charter flights offer a wide selection of catering and concierge services, in order to provide complete quality and satisfaction.  Specific requests can be arranged prior to your flight when you make your reservation.

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