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Citation X Jet for Air Charter

Cabin Length: 29.42 ft.
Cabin Width: 5.50 ft.
Cabin Height: 5.67 ft.
Passengers: Up to 8
Max. Range: 3,700 mi.
Cruising Speed: 604 mph
Citation X Air Charter


when speed counts

The Cessna Citation X is currently the fastest mid-sized business jet on the market, making it your best choice for both longer and shorter distances—that demand speed.  Driven by two powerful Rolls Royce turbofan AE 3007C engines originally designed to propel huge commercial airliners, the Citation X jet travels approximately one mile every six seconds.

With its outstanding range of up to 3,700 miles at cruising speed, Citation X can take you from one coast of the United States to the other in less than five hours and is also a great choice for transcontinental trips.

luxury awaits

The Citation X is not only functional, but also luxurious.  From the richly appointed interior, complete with high-end leather seating and polished wooden finishes, to the sleek, streamlined exterior, the Citation X combines style with speed and comfort to exceed expectations of even the most discerning traveler.

Plush interior amenities include a fully carpeted cabin, private lavatory and full galley. Passengers will also enjoy the comfortable, spacious interior of the Citation X, including both exceptional headroom and standup space which allow travelers to easily move about the cabin—and feel relaxed, not cramped, when seated.

Accommodations for all

On-board WiFi service supports both business productivity and in-flight entertainment, supporting laptops and other devices for those who need to work—and streaming movies, videos and music for passengers who wish to relax.  And luxury seating reclines and can be easily converted into beds for those who require sleep.

So whether you’re jetting off to your next important business meeting or heading to a vacation escape in the sun, the Citation X ensures you’ll spend less time in the air, and more time on the ground….but also ensures your time in the air will be exceptional.

All our Charter flights often offer a wide selection of catering and concierge services, in order to provide complete quality and satisfaction.  Specific requests can be arranged prior to your flight when you make your reservation.

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Credentials & Affiliations

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