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Falcon 900 EX Jet for Air Charter

Cabin Length: 39 ft.
Cabin Width: 5.8 ft.
Cabin Height: 6.1 ft.Passengers: Up to 13
Max. Range: 4,500 mi.
Cruising Speed: 500 mph
Falcon 900 EX Air Charter


luxurious, Powerful

The Falcon 900EX is a luxurious and powerful long range business jet featuring a spacious, custom crafted cabin that provides passengers with the ultimate flexibility and comfort.

With a non-stop range of 4,500 nautical miles, the 900EX offers the farthest distances in its class while still delivering the miraculous ability to land at small airports with shorter runways, due to its revolutionary trijet engine. Other benefits include the ability of 900EX to fly slower on approach, making it one of the safest heavy jets on the market, providing travelers with both the enjoyment and the peace of mind of comfortable, fast—and safe— travel.

Features for comfort - and productivity

Known for its luxurious cabin, the 900EX offers you and your fellow passengers an abundance of features for your personal comfort and productivity. Its plush interior includes over six feet of headroom and a flexible array of seating options. Features also include berth able seats which let you to enjoy a restful night of sleep during longer flights. Additionally, you’ll find two full lavatories on-board for the comfort and convenience of you and your fellow travelers.

Productivity tools include individual work stations, laptop and phone connections, so you won’t have to leave the office behind. But if you need to re-charge, the Falcon 900EX offers numerous options for your entertainment and relaxation needs.

State-of-the-art Entertainment systems

You’ll enjoy the state-of-the-art entertainment system including DVD player and CD player options. And the 900 EX is also equipped with both a microwave and convection oven, for warm meals in-flight and a coffee machine to deliver the extra boost you may need to stay energized throughout your flight!

A generous baggage compartment provides more than 125 cubic feet of space for all your luggage needs.

With its revolutionary performance and accommodations, 900EX charter jet will surpass every expectation for business and recreational flyers

All our Charter flights often offer a wide selection of catering and concierge services, in order to provide complete quality and satisfaction.  Specific requests can be arranged prior to your flight when you make your reservation.

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