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Gulf stream V Jet for Air Charter

Cabin Length: 28 ft.
Cabin Width: 8 ft.
Cabin Height: 6 ft.
Passengers: Up to 19
Max. Range: 3,900 mi.
Cruising Speed: 500 mph
Gulstream V G V Air Charter


ultra long range travel

The Gulfstream V was one of the first ultra long range business jets capable of travelling further than 5,000 miles without stopping to refuel, making it instantly popular with executives and recreational customers alike demanding luxury for longer distances. And it’s easy to understand their excitement once you discover the features and amenities available on-board.

Comfort is paramount in the Gulfstream V, incorporated with both climate control and a unique cabin humidifier system which prevents the dry air you would typically expect to find on most aircraft.

intuitive luxury

Luxury leather seating delivers comfort and flexibility with the ability to fully recline, giving you the opportunity to rest with ease while you're in-flight. And easy fold-out tables offer room for laptops and meals, and are easily tucked away when not in use. Separate crew and passenger quarters, including separate lavatories provide convenience and maintain your privacy.

Entertainment options for the Gulfstream V include satellite TV, the availability of several different viewing screens, sound system, and a telephone for every seat. A full sized galley can be used to produce both hot and cold meal service with ease.

The Gulfstream V also includes power outlets running the length of the plane to keep laptops, phone chargers, and other equipment up-and-running throughout your flight—and fully charged upon arrival at your destination.

generous storage

An important feature for both business and recreational travelers alike, is the ample cargo space the G-V affords. The jet is rated to carry over 6,600 pounds of cargo and passengers, giving plenty of extra weight clearance if you have several bags, golf clubs or skis, or if you are traveling with business related equipment.

Overall, the Gulfstream V is a great choice for someone looking to take a long trip and get there quickly. Its luxurious interior is still very popular with flyers, and with such a large amount of extra baggage space, you can take everything you need without a problem.

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