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Lear 35 - Light Jet for Air Charter

Cabin Length: 12.9 ft.
Cabin Width: 4.8 ft.
Cabin Height: 4.3 ft.
Passengers: 6-8
Max. Range: 1,978 nm
Cruising Speed: 510 mph
Lear Jet 35 Air Charter


Bombardier Lear 35 Light Jet for Private & Business Air Charter Flights

The Lear 35 business jet, manufactured by Bombardier, is a mainstay of the charter aircraft industry.  Classified as a Light Jet, the Lear 35 is most suitable for short, fast flights.  With a cruising speed of 510 mph, it remains among the fastest aircraft in the Light Jet category.  Both pilots and passengers alike have high praise for this small but powerful Lear model.

luxury interior & Amenities

The Lear 35 holds a maximum of 8 passengers in a sleek, comfortable cabin.  Groups of 6 or 7 will fit comfortably in the standard seating, with an optional eighth passenger on a jump seat.  With elegant detailing, luxurious furnishings and plenty of leg room, this business jet ensures complete comfort, even on longer flights.

Adjustable tables enable you to work easily from your seat or conduct meetings in the air.  The cabin configuration offers two separate seat groupings, which allow for easy collaboration and conversation. And with its remarkably quiet engines, the Lear 35 is an ideal aircraft for small business groups.

Generous baggage storage

Luggage is of no concern on the Lear 35 -- even for larger groups.  The roomy baggage area has 40 cubic feet of storage space.  It can hold approximately eight standard suitcases or an equivalent combination of supplies and luggage.  The maximum weight for takeoff is a generous 18,300 pounds, allowing you to pack heavier items or business equipment.

With its straight wings and tip tanks, this sleek jet has the distinctive Lear design and makes an impressive statement on the runway, an added bonus for those hosting business associates and guests!

Eco-friendly & economical

The Honeywell turbofan engines provide high thrust, easy takeoff and low fuel burn, making the jet an economical and efficient choice.  And with a maximum range of nearly 2000 miles, it can handle longer nonstop flights than similar light jets, which allows smaller groups to fly further without the additional cost or unused cabin space of larger jets. 

All our Charter flights often offer a wide selection of catering and concierge services, in order to provide complete quality and satisfaction.  Specific requests can be arranged prior to your flight when you make your reservation.

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