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Lease Your Jet or Turboprop Aircraft for Charter!Citation Jet Leasing

If your jet or turboprop aircraft is currently being underutilized -- or if you're simply seeking ways to help defray the cost of aircraft ownership -- leasing your aircraft for charter use may be an attractive solution.  

Shoreline Aviation has short- and long-term leasing options available for individuals, corporations and pilots, and we’ll work with you to determine the best solution to suit your needs.

When you operate your aircraft under our “wings”, you’ll experience Shoreline’s renowned levels of service excellence, in addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your aircraft is being managed and maintained by personnel that have been trained to FAA Part 135 standards -- unlike management companies operating under less stringent part 91 regulations. 

Turboprop Leasing

This includes regimented training and certification requirements, higher, more restrictive background and security checks as well as drug and alcohol testing, not required under part 91 - for all our maintenance and flight crew personnel.

We are committed to ensuring every aircraft under our care is operated and maintained to the highest safety standards.

What are the Benefits of Leasing Your Aircraft for Charter?

Depreciation - When you place your aircraft into service, you can take advantage of significant tax benefits not available to you when you only use your aircraft for your own, private use.

Revenue - Leasing your aircraft is an excellent way to help defray the fixed costs of aircraft ownership -- by turning your aircraft’s downtime into a steady stream of income.

Benefits of Ownership – When you lease your aircraft, you decide when it will be available for charter – and when it won’t.  You maintain all the benefits of owning your own private jet -- fly when you want, on your schedule.  Your aircraft will only be available for charter according to your wishes.

Why Lease Your Aircraft with Shoreline Aviation?

Three Decades of Experience …and a Track Record of Success – Shoreline Aviation has held its FAA Part 135 Air Charter Certificate since 1981. We’ve built our company - and our reputation - by earning the trust of our customers, one flight at a time, again and again.

Outstanding Safety Record - We operate and maintain each and every aircraft to the highest safety standards.  Our pilots are highly experienced and trained to the strictest standards.

Full Service Management – Your Own Flight Department!  When your aircraft is operated under Shoreline Aviation’s care, you benefit from our full-service aircraft management support, including all areas of service from flight planning, catering and hotel reservations to aircraft maintenance and fueling, to the provision of our highly trained flight crews and pilots.  You no longer have to worry about hiring or training your own crew – and your flight crews will consist of crew members you know and are comfortable with.

Your Aircraft - Maintained in Top Condition – When we add your aircraft to our Charter Certificate, it must be held to the most rigorous safety and performance standards.  Our leasing programs include full maintenance and management of your aircraft, by our FAA Part 135 certified teams.  Our dedication to caring for your aircraft as if it were our own ensures careful, personal attention and care for your aircraft.

Unrivaled Customer Care - We pride ourselves on our flexibility, high level of service and attention to detail.  At Shoreline Aviation, you’re not just a number.  You’ll be working directly with company owners, with no layers in between.  You’ll receive personal attention and direct contact with the individuals who will be making all the decisions regarding management of your aircraft. No detail is too small.

If you are interested in learning more about leasing your jet or turboprop aircraft in the Northeast United States, please contact Keith Douglass or Ann Pollard at 781-834-4928 or