Piper Unveils M-Class Linkage Program – Incentives for Stepping Up

Written by David Dinneen | Oct 10, 2015 1:25:00 PM

Piper Aircraft, Inc. has just unveiled the M-Class Linkage Program, a new incentive program that gives existing and potential Meridian and Mirage owners the ability to apply a financial credit toward the purchase of a factory-new M500 or M600 aircraft.

Said Drew McEwen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Piper Aircraft, “With this incentive initiative, customers have the ability to take advantage of stepping up into a more advanced aircraft with additional options and capabilities as their pilot skill set increases and plane requirements evolve,”

Step-up Program Gives Pilots Room to Grow

The new program supports Piper’s long-held belief that pilots should have room to grow into aircraft with increasing performance and power as they develop their competency and confidence in the cockpit. The M-Class product line was indeed founded on this very principle.

The Linkage Program directly supports this convention by providing a generous financial credit of $100,000 to $150,000 toward purchase of the most advanced aircraft in the M-Class line-up, the M600 and Meridian M500 planes. Owners of Piper Meridian, M350, and M500 are eligible for these ample incentive offers.

Piper’s Most Advanced Aircraft

Piper’s M-Class product line delivers advanced performance and safety, built on Piper’s proven PA46 airframe, a time-tested standard in the industry.

The cabin class six-seat M600, Meridian M500, and M350 along with the four-seat Matrix comprise the full M-Class line—and each of these aircraft offers a seamless step-up to the next level.

Created with the long held goal of maximizing the private and business travel experience for all aviators and passengers alike, the M-Class line delivers market-leading safety, as well as comfort, performance, and value.

Offered McEwen, “We are committed to providing the best possible product, with the most advanced technology for safety, that is accessible to pilots as they advance in their aviation career.”

Available Through December 2015

The Piper Linkage Program is available now through the end of this year. Interested Piper aircraft owners are encouraged to contact Ann Pollard at Shoreline Aviation for additional information on the Linkage Program, as well as aircraft availability.

Said Keith Douglass, President, Shoreline Aviation, “Piper Aircraft has always delivered an outstanding line-up of aircraft with planes suitable for new pilots as well as planes with increasing sophistication and features for more experienced pilots, as they advance. The introduction of the M-Class Linkage Program shows Piper’s commitment to encouraging pilots to grow and advance their skills.”

Added Douglass, ”It’s a very generous program that makes stepping into Piper’s most sophisticated models even more enticing. Particularly for individuals purchasing an aircraft for business use, when combined with available tax incentives, the savings can start to add up.”

For more information about the Piper Linkage program and to learn more about the M-Class product line, contact Ann Pollard at (+1) 781.834.4928.

January 2016 UPDATE:  The Piper Linkage Program has now been extended until the end of February, 2016!

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