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Gisele Learning to Fly in Marshfield

Posted on Tue, Sep 22, 2009

The Boston Globe  September 22, 2009 by Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein

Paparazzi circled the Marshfield Airport yesterday after gossip website TMZ.com revealed that Gisele Bundchen has been taking helicopter flying lessons on the property. “It’s ridiculous. There are cameras everywhere,’’ said Keith Douglass, president of Shoreline Aviation, the vendor at the airport.

For the record, Bundchen is not taking lessons with Shoreline. Mrs. Tom Brady has hired a private instructor to teach her how to run a chopper. “This was the best-kept secret until last Friday,’’ Douglass said, laughing. Bundchen is apparently taking her lessons seriously. According to a source at Norwood Memorial Airport, the now-local supermodel recently stopped by the Norwood flight tower because Marshfield’s airport doesn’t have one. She requested a sit-down with Norwood’s tower manager so she could get a lesson in air traffic control. “He gave her all kinds of time,’’ our Norwood source told us. “I can’t say I blame him.’’ In case you’re worried, the Federal Aviation Administration tells us that it’s OK for the pregnant Bundchen to fly the friendly skies. FAA spokesman Jim Peters says that as long as Bundchen has an instructor by her side, she can fly throughout her pregnancy. If she decides to go solo, she’ll need an endorsement from her instructor and a medical certificate. Brady recently confirmed that Bundchen is due in December.

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