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Airport Safety Improvement Project: Update

Posted on Sun, Mar 11, 2012

We're pleased to report the Marshfield Airport Marshfield Airport Expansion UpdateCommission and Shoreline’s Airport Management Team have made significant strides toward moving forward with the construction of a new runway and taxiway system in 2013.  For the past several years, we've worked to pave the way for these updates which will bring the airport into compliance with new FAA airport safety and design standards.  Recently we've achieved several milestones towards this end.

Funding & Support from the town of Marshfield

Working in close collaboration with local, state and federal officials to move the Runway Safety Improvement Project forward through a complex and costly permitting process, we've now completed three related environmental studies in addition to executing the purchase of the adjacent sixty acre Woodbine Farm and a second property at the end of Old Colony Lane. 

We have also received approval from the town of Marshfield for $200,000 in funding, representing the local share of this project. 

Our community outreach efforts to educate residents on the many ways the town benefits from maintaining a community airport -- both economically and in other ways -- generated a very positive response, and we're grateful to all our supporters and good neighbors who have helped spread the word and provide support.

Funding Commitment from FAA & MassDOT

We're also pleased to confirm FAA and MassDOT Aeronautics have committed more than $12,000,000 to complete important safety improvements which include widening the runway to 100 feet, widening the taxiways, shifting the runway and constructing 300’ paved safety areas on either end, a 300 foot runway extension, new lighting systems, new instrument approaches (including WAAS/LPV approaches) and much more.

Last week, US Senator Scott Brown, State Senator Bob Hedlund and State Representative Jim Cantwell toured Marshfield GHG Airport to demonstrate their support for the runway project and to assure us that they are doing everything they can to help keep project funding on track.

We would not be getting through the permitting process without their assistance and support at countless permitting meetings.  If you run into members of our legislative team, please be sure to thank them and explain to them how important the airport is to you!  Better yet, we encourage you to send a note (or a check!) to thank them for their assistance.  If you fly for business, please be sure to mention the airport is an important tool for your business. 

Bass Creek Dredging Update

As part of the required permitting process, we are working closely with DEP to secure a Variance for the project.  Other permitting agencies include the Army Corp. of Engineers, MA Natural Heritage, Marshfield Conservation, Marshfield ZBA and several others.  In the course of designing our environmental mitigation for the project, Marshfield DPW approached us looking for some help with dredging Bass Creek, which is located 100 feet east of the threshold of Runway 24. 

Bass Creek is clogged with invasive vegetation and silt and is causing a host of issues.  In an effort to work cooperatively with the Town and accomplish another important project in conjunction with our safety improvements, we asked DEP if we could incorporate Bass Creek dredging into the mitigation plan for the runway project.  We are excited to report they agreed and our environmental consultants are busy updating the mitigation plans, federal, state and local permits and preparing for a tree clearing project this summer in advance of runway construction, planned for some time in 2013.

For additional information on the project, visit this article about proposed airport improvements.

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