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Cool News for the Piper Seminole Twin

Posted on Wed, May 30, 2012

Piper Aircraft Adds AC as an Option…

Piper Aircraft, Inc. has announced the Piper Seminole twin engine aircraft air conditioning addition of a new air conditioning system to the 2012 Piper Seminole, as an option -- just in time for summer weather!

The system, manufactured by Kelly Aerospace ThermaCool, will also be available for older models of the twin-engine four-seater, via retrofit.

“The field-installable kit will be available for in-service Seminoles through Piper’s distribution network,” said Piper Head of Sales Administration and Customer Support, Lisa Giessert.  Good news for owners of versions of the Piper Seminole manufactured prior to 2012.

With engines running, the electric Freon air conditioning system is powered by a new lightweight 28-volt/60 amp alternator, which also drives an independent electrical bus for powering additional aircraft electrical components, for special applications.  Like any standard air conditioning unit, cool air is pushed through the ventilation system to cool the aircraft.

Piper Seminole Aircraft AC Using the 28-volt power cart alone, the new AC units are also able to function while on ground – without running the engines.  This feature will be a boon for instructors who habitually do on ground orientations and avionics training, but want to avoid running the engines unnecessarily.

Noted Giessert, "Now these training fleets and new Piper Seminoles rolling off the Vero Beach assembly line can meet the strong demand for a cool cabin environment to enhance training effectiveness.”

Kent R. Kelly, Chairman and CEO of Kelly Aerospace described the new air conditioning unit saying, "System simplicity, reliability and performance were the primary design criteria from Piper.”  He added, “The system uses a self-contained hermetically-sealed, brushless DC motor/compressor which is maintenance-free and has the reliability of a commercial refrigeration unit." The new system meets all of these requirements, while weighing in at a mere 60 pounds - 28 volt bus system included.

Kelly spoke briefly about functionality of the new system, "Compressor speeds are automatically controlled and fan speeds can be automatic or manual.  In a sun-soaked environment the system will drop the cabin temperature 18 degrees Fahrenheit in less than eight minutes, a dramatic relief for pilots and passengers."

What makes the unit unique is that all the components of are mounted in the aft tail cone, and they don't directly interface with the engines. The only visible evidence of the system is a panel-mounted digital controller in the cockpit. The pilot simply sets the desired temperature -- and the system takes care of the rest.

For over 20 years, The Piper Seminole has Piper Seminole with new air conditioningproven to be a reliable and consistent training aircraft, popular with both students and teachers alike. With Piper's high safety standards, user friendly layout and controls, it's no wonder that flight school owners have make the Piper Seminole one of the top training aircraft models in use today.

Said Giessert, "The Seminole continues to gain popularity with many large multi-engine training fleets, several of which are located in warm climates around the world." The addition of air conditioning will be another feature that sets the Seminole apart – and will make learning to fly an even cooler experience!


Please contact Ann Pollard with any questions regarding Seminole aircraft sales at: (781) 834-4928.

Please contact Ed Novak, Vice President & Director of Aircraft Maintenance, with any questions regarding retrofitting your pre-2012 Seminole with air conditioning at (781) 834-4928.

Shoreline Aviation is the official Sales & Service affiliate of the Piper Aircraft distributor for New England, New York & New Jersey.  Learn more about the 2012 Piper Seminole here!

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