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Gulfstream Begins Delivery of G650 Business Jet

Posted on Thu, Dec 27, 2012

The Most Powerful Gulfstream Jet Ever Built

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. has just announced delivery of the company’s first fully outfitted Gulfstream G650 aircraft, its all-new ultra-large-cabin, ultra-long range business jet.  The G650 is capable of travelling up to 7,000 nautical miles at 0.85 Mach or 6,000 nautical miles at 0.90 mach, making it the most powerful jet in the Gulfstream fleet—and the fastest civil aircraft in the sky.

The G650’s groundbreaking design takes passenger comfort to new heights with a luxury cabin that is both taller and wider than any other business jet cabin in its class. The extra space translates to a longer living area, increased seat recline and more aisle room—in addition to a larger galley, more spacious lavatory and greater baggage storage capacity.

Unsurpassed Luxury Interiors — 12 Unique Layouts

Offering 12 unique floor plan options to buyers, the versatile G650 cabin can be configured to meet a wide array of traveler needs and requirements while accommodating up to 8 passengers and 4 flight crew members in its luxury environment. A four-place conference table is one available feature which, along with two additional seats across the aisle, accommodates up to 6 for meals or meetings. A large stateroom option can be configured with a single executive seat and work table, a convertible divan that folds out into a double-bed, and a 26-inch pop-up LCD monitor, creating a private space for focusing on work-at-hand — or for relaxation and rest.

“We’re extremely proud of this aircraft and the work that’s been done by the G650 design, build and supplier teams,” said Larry Flynn, President, Gulfstream.  “The first delivery of an aircraft is always an auspicious occasion and this one is especially so.  This delivery represents the beginning of a new era in aircraft design and manufacturing in terms of quality, capabilities, reliability, parts availability and maintenance activities."

 “We’re thrilled to see the first G650 leave our hangar for a customer’s.  Soon the G650 will be a common sight at airports around the world,” Flynn said.

Gulfstream also recently reported newly enhanced performance capabilities for the G650, including a 1,000 nm increase above the original target of 5,000 nm at its high-speed cruise rate of Mach 0.90.  These improvements will allow the G650 to tackle popular itineraries such as Tokyo to New York, New York to Dubai, Los Angeles to Moscow and Shanghai to London at speeds that are faster than any other business jet on the market.

More Power, Greater Versatility

The G650’s takeoff balanced field length Gulfstream G650 Business Jetalso improved from the original planned 6,000 feet (1,829 m) to a reduced 5,858 feet (1,786 m) at the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight of 99,600 pounds (45,179 kg). This improvement allows the G650 to fly farther from demanding, shorter runways.

Jay L. Johnson, chairman and chief executive officer of Gulfstream’s parent corporation, General Dynamics, said, “The G650 sets a new world standard for business-jet performance, range, speed and comfort.  I am very proud of the Gulfstream team.  They have done a superb job in designing and manufacturing an aircraft that is already the envy of the global market.”

In addition to its other advances, the G650 cabin includes a number of technologically leading edge systems, including the Gulfstream-engineered Cabin Management System, an innovative design that allows passengers to use their own electronic devices to control the cabin’s audio and video entertainment system in addition to cabin lighting, interior temperature, window shades and other functions.

And of course, the cabin adheres to Gulfstream’s Cabin Essential design philosophy, which means that principal cabin systems such as lighting, temperature control, entertainment systems control, power and waste systems are designed with redundancy that greatly reduces the risk of ever losing these important cabin functions.



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