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Gulfstream Begins Delivery of G280 Jet to Customers

Posted on Fri, Dec 07, 2012

G280 Replaces G200 and is New Best-in-Class Model

In November, Gulfstream announced delivery of its first fully outfitted G280 aircraft, its new best-in-class super mid-sized business jet, to a U.S. manufacturer.  The G280 which replaces the G200 large cabin mid-range model, earned type certificates from both the U.S. FAA and the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel earlier this year.

The G280, a joint effort between Gulfstream and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), leveraged the unique strengths of each company throughout all stages of the development and manufacturing process.  The result is a cutting edge business aircraft that delivers the most spacious and comfortable cabin, the most technologically advanced cockpit, and flight performance that is characterized by the longest range at the fastest speeds in its class.

G280 Delivers Record-Breaking Speeds

The G280 has already set several new city-pair speed records including Dallas to Teterboro, N.J, Teterboro to Jacksonville, Fla., and Jacksonville to Dallas for a total of seven new records this year.

Noted Larry Flynn, president, Gulfstream, “These new speed records demonstrate the G280’s exceptional range and performance for our customers…”  He continued, “We anticipate that it will set many, many more in the months and years to come.”

With its top performing Honeywell HTF7250G engines, the G280 has an enviable range of 3,600 nautical miles (6,667 km) at Mach 0.80.  This makes the G280 the only super mid-sized business jet that can reliably fly non-stop between London and New York.

In addition to its outstanding performance capabilities, the G280’s interior won’t disappoint with its Gulfstream-engineered cabin management and audio/video entertainment systems, 19 oversized windows and convenient in-flight access to baggage compartments.

Spacious, Luxury Interiors

The jet also offers the longest seating area in its class with a total cabin length of more than 25 feet.  The added space accommodates a more generously sized lavatory and an expanded galley area, in addition to increased storage capacity.

Buyers have a choice of three different interior floor plans, with seating options for up to 10 passengers and berthing for up to four.  All layouts offer generous storage capabilities, with total storage of up to 154 cubic feet.

The new larger lavatory space is accented by two windows, a modern sink with raised ledge, and the inclusion of a full-length closet that makes in-flight outfit changes a snap.

The cabin also provides a more generouslyGulfstream G280 Business Jet sized, ergonomically designed galley area that features an extra-large ice drawer and cooled storage, a sink with hot and cold water, and increased storage capacity.

Updated G280 seats are a generous 21 inches (53 cm) from side-to-side, and feature new styling details such as a telescoping headrest, an articulating seat pan for full-flat berthing, and an optional recliner-style leg rest.

“Taken together, these amenities significantly reduce fatigue, increase mental alertness and enhance productivity,” said Pres Henne, Senior Vice President, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream.

Passengers will also enjoy CabinView, a Gulfstream-engineered system, which provides flight and cabin information such as geographic boundaries, country borders, and other points of interest.  Additional content, such as stock prices and weather, can be tailored and kept up-to-date through optional high-speed Internet data.

“Gulfstream is excited to deliver this aircraft to a dedicated customer who has worked so closely with us on the G280 program,” said Scott Neal, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream.

He continued, “In preparation for our first deliveries of this aircraft, we took a G280 to several fixed base operators around the United States, so their employees could familiarize themselves with the handling requirements for the G280.  That was just one of several efforts intended to ensure a smooth entry-into-service for this aircraft.”


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