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Product Spotlight - Bose® A20® Aviation Headset

Posted on Thu, Mar 14, 2013

Premier Aviation Headsets

Shoreline Aviation is pleased to makeBose A20 Aviation Headsets for Pilots the Bose® A20® Aviation line of headsets available to our customers.  Bose® has earned a 20-year reputation among pilots worldwide for its leadership and expertise within the aviation market, and we chose the Bose® A20® because we found no other headset offering the advanced combination of features and benefits that the Bose® A20® line provides.

Advanced Features

Bose A20 aviation headset man 2The Bose® A20® Aviation Headset is engineered to be more comfortable and provide more noise reduction than any other headset the company has ever made— while still delivering the acclaimed clear audio you would expect from Bose®.

In addition, the A20® has a Bluetooth® communications interface (available in certain variants of the headset), an auxiliary audio input, and priority switching.

It also meets or exceeds all FAA TSO standards and comes with optional flexible power that switches seamlessly from aircraft power to battery.

How Does it Work?

The Bose® A20® Aviation Headset is engineered with bothBose A20 Aviation Headset woman 2 active and passive noise reduction technologies that provide outstanding noise management.

Active noise reduction technologies continuously sense and measure noise within the cockpit via microphones located both inside and outside each earcup.  Sophisticated electronics within the headset respond to ambient sounds by producing an opposite, cancelling signal to accurately reduce unwanted noise.

Passive noise reduction is provided by exclusive Bose® ear cushion technology which physically blocks noise before it enters the earcup.

More Than Just Noise Reduction

Bose A20 Pilot Headset control module 2In addition to noise reduction, the Bose® A20® benefits from decades of Bose® research and development regarding user comfort.  Through a unique combination of engineered materials, weight distribution, and its exclusive earcup design, the Bose® A20® provides an unsurpassed, comfortable fit.

The A20® even offers auxiliary audio input to connect to your GPS device.  It also includes a Bluetooth® communications interface and priority switching—so you can decide which audio source you want to hear.

The A20® also offers installed or battery powered systems and provides a range of configurations to suit any aircraft.

Form and Function

With the Bose® A20® noise reduction and comfort come together with design elegance—and safety.  Without the distraction and stress from the noise of engine roar, you can remain alert and relaxed, fly at your best and truly enjoy the ride.

Try flying with a Bose® A20® Headset today.  Then just try flying without one…

Barnstormers Pilot Shop at Shoreline Aviation

Visit Shoreline Aviation at the Marshfield Airport (GHG) where you can learn more about the Bose® A20® Aviation headset and take one for a spin! 

We also stock other top brands to meet all your other aviation accessory needs.  Visit our Barnstormer’s Pilot Shop today to browse our complete selection.

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