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Diamond Aircraft: A Legacy of Performance, Safety

Posted on Fri, Dec 13, 2013

For over three decades, Diamond Aircraft has served the General Aviation market, manufacturing a wide range of personal single- and twin-engine propeller planes in response to the diverse needs of its loyal customers.  Throughout those years, the hallmark of Diamond Aircraft has always been the use of cutting-edge technologies wrapped in high performance composite materials, all put together with the most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Well known for its eye-catching designs, Diamond stays laser-focused on safety, as evidenced by their impressive track record.

Diamond DA20 Eclipse – Single Engine Piston Aircraft - 2 Seat

The DA20 experience begins with a Diamond DA20 Aircraftstriking design that combines a rounded, high visibility 2-seat cockpit with a lithe set of wings and long tail.  Inside that glassy cockpit are responsive center stick controls and body-hugging luxury bucket seats reminiscent of a small, agile sports car.  The DA20 climbs quickly from sea level at 1,000 fpm, cruises at 138 kts, and needs only 1,600 feet to take off. 

Responsive, yet benign in its handling, the DA20 has spin certified handling and a slow 44 kts stall speed.  Best of all, this exhilarating, heart-pumping flight experience comes with exceptional fuel economy and carries Diamond’s excellent reputation for safety as well.

All these features are delivered at a surprisingly affordable price with standard avionics and a choice of Aspen EFD 1000 or the Garmin G500 cockpit options.

Diamond Star DA40 XLS – Single Engine Piston Aircraft - 4 Seat

Diamond DA40 XLS AircraftIf the DA20 is Diamond’s flying sports car, then the DA40 is certainly the luxury sports sedan of the skies.  There’s generous, well-appointed space in the 4-seat cabin, as well as the baggage storage area, all of which moves at over 165mph in the air. 

In its DA40 series, Diamond has consistently improved upon speed, performance and comfort, first with the XL update.  Now, the DA40 XLS upgrades everything about the XL, with a taller, wider bubble canopy, the latest Garmin G1000 avionics, and enhanced interior options including premium leather selections, polished wood inlays, and luxurious upholstery. 

What’s more, the DA40 XLS offers WAAS in addition to Garmin's GFC 700 autopilot system, as well as digital on-screen charts and programmable Victor airways and procedure turns, allowing experienced pilots to fly instrument approaches with even greater confidence and precision than before.  Extended range fuel tanks and performance landing gear ensure that every DA40 XLS arrival is just as luxurious as the journey!

Diamond DA40 XLT – Single Engine Piston Aircraft - 4 Seat

New for 2013, is the DA40 XLT—Diamond’s latest update to its DA40 piston single.Diamond D40 XLT Aircraft  Proving that Diamond’s only competition is with itself, the XLT model enhances the cabin for both pilot and passenger comfort, offering a whole new level of luxury in the process. 

All you have to do is sit down to feel the most immediately apparent upgrades: more comfortable, wider seats with enhanced lumbar support and redesigned padded headrests embossed with the Diamond name.  These new seats are even cooler on bright days, with the addition of Infrared Controlled Technology (ICT) into the 100% premium leather.  ICT reflects IR rays in direct sunlight, keeping the surface temperature a full 20 degrees Celsius lower than untreated leathers in the same conditions.  Developed by BMW, the process is so effective that BMW incorporates it into every convertible. 

The DA40 XLT also offers new trim packages available in Carbon Weave or Walnut Burl.  The newly added molded pocket on the pilot inboard side panel is perfect for quick access to a cell phone or other electronic devices.  A heat and glare-reducing Rosen sun visor system is also available as an option.

Diamond DA42 NG – Piston Twin Engine Aircraft - 4 Seat

Diamond DA42 NG AircraftThe DA42 New Generation (NG) is a powerful, yet refined twin engine statement of everything that defines the Diamond ethos, all wrapped in a stunning design with cross-country range.  To slip into the cockpit of a DA42 NG is to you put yourself in control of the most technologically advanced twin engine aircraft available today. With cutting-edge airframe design, avionics, and engine technology, the DA42 NG is designed to impress the most discerning pilots with its safety and its style.

The transition to twin engines can be intimidating, but the DA42 NG makes that additional power nearly as easy and intuitive as flying a single engine aircraft, with single lever control and fully integrated avionics.

With a DA42 NG at your command, the world seems a lot smaller, giving you the confidence to take on previously unthinkable missions.  Taking on hard IFR, rugged terrain, or open water are all made safer by twin engine redundancy and known ice certification.  With the exceptional range and endurance of the DA42 NG, you’ll want to fly direct and challenge yourself as a pilot more often than you ever imagined.

Shoreline Aviation is pround to offer new Diamond aircraft sales, serving the New England area and providing convenient access for the Boston metro area as well as the Cape and Islands, New York and Connecticut. 

Shoreline also holds the Diamond Service Center designation, making it your ideal partner for Diamond aircraft ownership on the East Coast.

If you would like to learn more about new Diamond aircraft for sale, please contact Ann Pollard to discuss your needs at 781-834-4928.

Learn more about Diamond Aircraft here!

View our complete inventory of new and used aircraft for sale here!

All Diamond aircraft are eligible for 2013 bonus depreciation tax savings for those who qualify – learn more here.

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