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Piper Aircraft Unveils Meridian M500

Posted on Tue, May 05, 2015

Piper aircraft has just debuted its single-engine,Piper Meridian M500 Aircraft 1 six-place M-class Meridian M500 turbine aircraft, the newest Meridian model, whose highlights include cutting-edge Garmin avionics, a bevy of advanced safety features, and countless other product updates.

According to Piper’s CEO Simon Caldecott, the 2015 Meridian M500 will be outfitted with the newest Garmin avionics equipment—a boon to aircraft safety.

He also noted Piper has undertaken significant product updates to introduce advanced avionics technology for electronic stability protection, under-speed protection, automated level mode, and other refinements.

Said Caldecott, “As we continue our pursuit of product improvement initiatives, we [also] wanted to address an opportunity to offer an enhanced interior that would be a laudable accompaniment to this superior aircraft.”  

As such, the M500 features an array new enhancements including wider outboard armrests, plush leather seating, the addition of distinctive side panel accents, new avionics panel trim, passenger interface improvements, and an updated color palette that delivers a new level of sophistication.

Set apart from predecessors in its class, the M500 extends the same luxurious accents and amenities found in the cabin into the cockpit, creating a clean look and exceptional design continuity throughout the entire aircraft.

Piper Merdian  M500 Airplane

The hallmark of the M500 is its Pratt and Whitney PT6A-42A 500 SHP power unit; it notches a 260 KTAS/482 Kmh-1 maximum cruise speed and attains a range of 1,000nm/1,852 km.

Equipped with the upscale Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite, Meridian M500 arrives with a $2.26 million price tag.

Improved Avionics

The advanced Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite bundles high resolution dual 10” PFDs and a 12” MFD, the newest Garmin software technology, and the cutting-edge GFC700 autopilot—featuring upgraded Autopilot Flight Control System. It also undergirds various flight safety avionic systems including Electronic Stability Protection (ESP), Underspeed Protection (USP), Expanded Engagement Envelope, Coupled Go-Around, Level Mode (Auto-pilot Automatic-Engage), Master caution and warning, and gear position and warning and digital pressurization.

Electronic Stability Protection

Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) discourages stalls, spins, and loss-of-control conditions. Functioning independently of the autopilot system, ESP only engages when the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft with autopilot disengaged.

ESP automatically engages servos to slightly correct control surface positions when the aircraft exceeds one or more flight parameters, acting as a ‘soft barrier’ to gently nudge the Piper M350 back inside the performance envelope.

Underspeed Protection/USP

Piper Merdian M500 Aircraft Cockpit Panel View 3

Underspeed Protection is a flight director feature that responds to underspeed conditions by allowing the autopilot to stay engaged while stopping the aircraft from stalling while the PFD annunciates when active.

Stall protections were developed as part of the entire USP mechanism, allowing coupled go-rounds to take place without deactivating the autopilot. With the feature, autopilot will remain engaged and fly the missed approach. Unless power is added, the USP will hold a speed slightly above stall warning, making adjustments to aircraft pitch attitude as necessary.

Automatic Level Mode/Blue Button

M500 also comes equipped with an autopilot Level Mode as standard equipment. When activated, Level Mode automatically engages flight director in conjunction with autopilot functions to return the airplane to a straight and level flight. Additionally, activation of Level Mode cancels all armed or active modes, leaving all other autopilot modes available (while Level Mode is activated) by simply pressing the associated mode control button.

Additional Improvements

Other chief improvements for the 2015 M500 include three USB charging ports (one in the cockpit, two in the cabin); GTX 33 Extended-Squitter Transponder; Aspen’s EFD-1,000 standby instrument, a novel digital pressurization integrating completely with the G1000; cockpit electroluminescent placards, and a centrally mounted single-panel audio system.

Options include a GTS825 Traffic Advisory System and the Garmin-inspired GSR56 Global Satellite Datalink Iridium’s Satellite Transceiver.

Learn more about the Piper Meridian M500 here 

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