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Piper M600 Tops New Line-up

Posted on Sep 25, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Piper_M600Along with the introduction of its Meridian M500 and M350, Piper thrilled aviation enthusiasts with the unveiling of its new high performance, Garmin G3000-equipped M600 at an event held its Vero Beach headquarters earlier this year.   

A higher performance version of its renowned Meridian plane, Piper's M600 tops the company’s esteemed M-class series of airplanes, all of which are based on the long standing, much lauded PA-46 Malibu type certificate. 

Performance Meets Luxury

Offering significant product enhancements including a newly designed wing and the most sophisticated Garmin technology available today, the M600 raises the bar on performance, functionality, and safety.  And with its redesigned, luxury interior, M600 is an exciting aircraft for both pilots and passengers alike. 

Piper_M600_InteriorSeating six and powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A 600shp engine, the aircraft delivers a maximum cruise speed of 260 ktas / 482 km/h.  And with its new fuel capacity—storing an additional 90 gallons of fuel—the aircraft delivers an impressive max range of 1,300 nm / 2,408 km. 

But Piper didn’t stop there.  The plane also offers a newly increased max payload of 1200 lbs., making it a more versatile aircraft that welcomes extra baggage. 

“Our customers and dealers asked for an aircraft with more payload and additional range,” said Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott. 

Added Caldecott, “We listened and we delivered. The M600 encompasses the most advanced safety measures available today in the most ambitious package, with an overall value proposition that is extremely compelling to corporate flight departments and individuals alike.”

The M600 is the first single-engine turboprop to feature Garmin’s leading edge G3000 avionics – an advanced touch-screen controlled, glass flight deck. 

Offering the most intuitive, comprehensive and technologically advanced package of its kind, the cutting edge flight deck integrates control of radios, audio and intercom channels, transponder codes, mapping, charts, checklists as well as other functions, making the mechanics of flight deck management easier and more efficient than ever before. 

The Garmin GTC 570 touch screen controller provides a centralized point for accessing the majority of avionics tuning, selection, and data inputs.

Piper_M600_interior_2Nonstop from New York to Florida

The result of M600’s advancements translate to new flexibility and greater nonstop flight options between desirable city pairs. 

“With the advent of the M600, we have given our customers an option to travel nonstop from New York to Florida with added peace of mind afforded by the latest and most advanced safety enhancements,” added Caldecott. 

A comprehensive survey process was facilitated to help identify features and attributes that would be most appreciated by both pilots and passengers alike. 

Ergonomically designed seats - optimized for comfort; enhanced side panels for improved passenger interface; three sophisticated new color palettes; and the most advanced safety features available today round out the M600 experience. 

Upgraded Avionics

The M600’s new Garmin G3000 avionics suite includes enviable wide format WXGA displays, in addition to the latest Garmin software upgrade, as well as a GFC 700 autopilot with enhanced Autopilot Flight Control System (AFCS), and delivers a number of industry leading flight safety features:

  • Electronic Stability Protection (ESP)
  • Underspeed Protection (USP)
  • Coupled Go-Around
  • Expanded Engagement Envelope
  • Autopilot Auto-Engage
  • Automatic Level Mode (Blue Button)
  • Hypoxia Recognition System
  • Emergency Descent Mode
  • Master caution, master warning, gear position, gear warning incorporated in the G3000

Additional Improvements

Piper_M600_in_flightOther significant updates for the M600 include a new digital pressurization system, fully integrated with G3000; electroluminescent placards in cockpit; USB charging ports located in the cockpit and in the cabin area;  the Aspen EFD-1000 standby instrument; GTX 33 Extended Squitter Transponder; and an optional GTS 825 Traffic Advisory System, which coupled with the GTX 33ES, provides the aircraft with ADS-B In and Out functionality.  An optional GTS 855 Traffic Advisory System is also available for receiving TCAS I alerts.  

For the ultimate office-in-the-sky, M600 aircraft can also be equipped with optional Garmin GSR 56 Global Satellite Datalink Iridium Satellite Transceiver for additional connectivity.  The 2016 M600 will be available before year’s end and is listed at a competitive price of $2.82 million.

Learn more about the Piper M600 here 

Shoreline Aviation is proud to be a sales and service affiliate of the Piper Aircraft Distributor for New England, New York and New Jersey.

Shoreline is also an authorized Piper Service Center.  Learn more here.

If you would like to learn more about the Piper M600 or any other Piper model for sale, please contact Ann Pollard to discuss your needs at 781-834-4928. 

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