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Advanced Systems, Simple Operations

Single-Engine Unpressurized Trainer - You Can Be Proud to Fly

If you’re learning to fly, the Piper Archer LX has everything a new pilot needs – and then some.

The Archer LX is a solid entry-level plane that comes fully IFR equipped, right from the Piper factory, making it well suited for training.  At the same time, with its 128 ktas cruise speed, you’ll find the Archer LX fast enough to fly most modest cross country trips you desire, making it an aircraft you can enjoy well beyond your first take-offs.

Comfortable leather seats - with inflatable lumbar support in the cockpit - are standard, and along with optional factory-installed air conditioning, Archer LX offers luxury and comfort for all your missions!

*Specifications & Equipment:


Over the years, thousands of pilots have learned to fly – and grown their experience – with Piper Archer. With standard instrumentation that includes the Garmin G500 glass cockpit system, Archer is the perfect aircraft for gaining experience and obtaining an instrument rating. Piper Archer will get you started and then take you wherever you want to go your aircraft ownership experience.

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*Specifications Change periodically.  If any discrepancies or conflicts arise between specs listed and the official purchase agreement, the official purchase agreement shall take precedence.
Shoreline Aviation and Piper Aircraft, Inc. reserve the right to make changes in specifications, materials, equipment or prices at any time without prior notice or to discontinue models as required.