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Piper M500

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Piper M500: The Profile of Perfection


Powerful performance, legendary reliability.

The six-place, single engine turboprop Meridian M500 is Piper's newest upgrade to its renowned Meridian model - and it does not disappoint!

Delivering adrenaline-inducing, powerful 260 ktas speed courtesy of a 500 SHP Pratt & Whitney PT6-42A turbine engine while offering the latest Garmin Safety Technology, the M500 is a study in safe, reliable performance—and then some.

*Specifications & Equipment:

  • Maximum Cruising Speed: 260 ktas (482 km/h)
  • Range with 45 Minute Reserve: 1,000 nm (1,852 km)
  • Standard Useful Load: 1,698 lbs (770 kg)
  • Maximum Approved Altitude: 30,000 Ft / 9,144 M
  • Seats: 6
  • Engine: Pratt & Whitney Canada Turboprop PT6A-42A, 500 SHP
  • Wing Span: 43 Ft / 13.11 M
  • Length: 29.6 ft (9.02 m)

cutting edge features

With its pressurized cabin, sumptious seating, and the convenience of three USB charging ports (one in the cockpit, two in the cabin) travelers will delight in M500's smart, luxury comfort.

And pilots will appreciate M500's other enhancements including synthetic vision - for digitally rendered visuals of obstacles and terrain; automatic level mode - for adjusting to straight and level flight when activated; and electronic stabilty protection (ESP) for preventing stalls, spins and loss-of-control conditions.

Attention to Detail

Set apart from predecessors in its class, the M500 Executive Interior extends the same luxurious accents and amenities from the cabin into the cockpit, creating clean design continuity throughout the aircraft.!

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1,000 nm1,852 km

Max Range
(Endurance Cruise Setting)

260 ktas 482 km/h

Maximum Cruising Speed

5.6 psid

Maximum Cabin Differential

2,438 ft 743 m

Takeoff Distance
(Over 50 ft Obstacle)

2,110 ft 643 m

Landing Distance
(Over 50 ft Obstacle)

30,000 ft9,144 m

Maximum Approved Altitude

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Specifications & Performance


Hartzell 4-Blade
Constant Speed | Full-Feathering


Usable 170 US gal | 644 liters



Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A
Flat Rated Horsepower at 500 shp


Wingspan: 43 ft. | 13.11 m
Length: 29.6 ft | 9.02 m
Height: 11.3 ft | 3.44 m



Maximum Takeoff Wieght: 5,092 lbs | 2,310 kg
Maximum Ramp Weight: 5,134 lbs | 2,329 kg

Standard Equipped Weigh: 3,436 lbs | 1,559 kg
Standard Useful Load: 1,698 lbs | 770 kg

Design Options: Your Aircraft - Your Way

Piper M500 - Interior Snap Shot.jpg

M500 interior configurations:

Wellington Interior - Piper M500.png
Inverness Interior - Piper M500.png

M500 offers two distinctive interior color options and features a bevy of enhancements delivering a precise marriage of functionality and elegance.  With generously sized outboard armrests, plush leather seating, side panel accents and coordinating avionics panel trim M500's interior is at once extraordinary in both function and feel. Interior features include ergonomically designed seats - optimized for comfort - and enhanced side panels designed to deliver an intuitive passenger interface. 

Download the Brochure

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Credentials & Affiliations

FAA FAA Air Carrier Certificate_FRIA997D NBAA Member ARGUS Gold NATA Member Wyvern Registered NATA