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Piper Seminole

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Advanced Multi-Engine Trainer


Luxury—and a Value Proposition That Can't Be Ignored...

For flight schools, the ability to provide safe, reliable operations in a cost-effective manner is of utmost importance -- and the Piper Seminole delivers.  

Well established as one of the best advanced trainers available today and also known to be one of the lowest cost multiengine advanced trainers on the market, the Seminole offers proven safety, technology and avionics to your fleet – while delivering profits to your bottom line.

With over 20 years of service and hundreds of hours logged in flight schools around the world, the Piper Seminole is a proven aircraft you can rely on to deliver advanced flight training procedures and maneuvers – in a safe and forgiving manner.

*Specifications & Equipment:

  • Max Cruising Speed: 162 ktas (300 km/h)
  • Range with 45 minute reserve: 700 nm (1,426 km)
  • Standard Useful Load: 1,191 lbs (540 kg)
  • Number of Seats: 4
  • Service Ceiling:  15,000 ft (4,572 m)
  • Engine: (2) Lycoming L/O-360-A1H6, 180 hp each
  • Wing Span: 38.6 ft (11.8 m)
  • Length: 27.6 ft (8.4m)

cutting edge features

Flight school owners appreciate the Piper Seminole's ability to keep students and instructors happy – along with the ability to make a profit. Adding one or several Piper Seminoles to your training fleet is an investment that will deliver returns to both your bottom line and to the enjoyment and satisfaction of your students.

Attention to Detail

Shoreline Aviation is proud to be an authorized Piper Aircraft sales and service affiliate for New England (serving Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island), New York and New Jersey.

Our team of aviation sales professionals stand ready to provide expert advice on equipment selection and acquisition, aircraft management and maintenance, financing and insurance procurement, flight crew selection and training, and all other details related to the acquisition of your aircraft.

Call us today at  781-834-4928 and let us help you procure the aircraft of your dreams!

*Specifications Change periodically.  If any discrepancies or conflicts arise between specs listed and the official purchase agreement, the official purchase agreement shall take precedence.

Shoreline Aviation and Piper Aircraft, Inc. reserve the right to make changes in specifications, materials, equipment or prices at any time without prior notice or to discontinue models as required. 

700 nm1,296 km

Max Range
(Endurance Cruise Setting)

162 ktas300 km/h

Maximum Cruising Speed

108 gal
409 liters

Fuel Capacity

2,200 ft671 m

Takeoff Distance
(Over 50 ft Obstacle)

1,490 ft454 m

Landing Distance
(Over 50 ft Obstacle)

15,000 ft4,572 m

Maximum Approved Altitude

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Specifications & Performance


Hartzell 2-Blade
Constant Speed | Full-Feathering


Usable 108 US gal | 409 liters



Lycoming 0-360-A1H6
180 Horsepower Each | Four Cylinders


Wingspan: 38.6 ft. | 11.8 m.
Length: 27.6 ft | 8.4 m.
Height: 8.5 ft | 2.6 m

Piper Seminole Specs_Clear -4.png


Maximum Takeoff Wieght: 3,800 lbs | 1,724 kg
Maximum Ramp Weight: 3,816 lbs | 1,731 kg

Standard Equipped Weigh: 2,625 lbs | 1,656 kg
Standard Useful Load: 2,400 lbs | 1,191 kg

Distinctive Piper Design

Piper Seminole Sales - Interior design.jpg

Seminole Design

Attention to Detail

Piper Seminole is a study in form and function, designed with maximum comfort, style and durability in mind. 

seminole interior color - steel grey.png





  • Sporting a steel grey color pallette on its interior and Axalta Imron polyurethane white paint base on its exterior - with your choice of two fuselage vinyl trim stripes - the look is at once modern and unique.  Make it your own with custom paint schemes, quoted on request. 

  • Ergonomically designed seating - optimized for comfort - keeps both students and instructors relaxed, so you can focus on the flight at hand.  

  • Heavy-duty vinyls and wear-resistant leathers are hand-fitted to the seats and side-walls, designed to withstand repetitive use.  

  • Air conditioning available for your complete comfort. 

Download the Brochure

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Credentials & Affiliations

FAA FAA Air Carrier Certificate_FRIA997D NBAA Member ARGUS Gold NATA Member Wyvern Registered NATA