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Piper Seneca

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Multi-Engine Adventure, Multi-Engine Piece of Mind


Turbocharged 6-place piston twin

If your flying time is predominantly spent over water, at night, or above mountains or other inhospitable terrain, the redundancy of the twin-engine Piper Seneca will provide the reliability –and peace of mind – you require.

And for those who simply aspire to the challenges of operating a multi-engine airplane, the proven performance of Seneca make it a great choice.

*Specifications & Equipment:

  • Maximum Cruising Speed: 200 KTAS / 370 km/h
  • Range with 45 Minute Reserve: 828 nm / 1,534 km range
  • Standard Useful Load: 1,331 Lbs / 604 Kg
  • Maximum Approved Altitude: 25,000 Ft / 7,620 M
  • Seats: 6
  • Engine: (2) Continental Turbocharged TSIO-360-RB, 220 hp each (Learn about turbocharged aircraft engines here.)
  • Wing Span: 38.9 Ft / 13.2 M
  • Length: 28.8 Ft / 8.9 M

cabin class comfort for Business & personal use

With thousands of Piper Seneca’s in operation around the globe providing safe, reliable business travel to remote locations typically not serviced by commercial airlines, Seneca is a tested performer.

Seneca offers exceptional configuration flexibility and the comfort of a cabin-class interior, making it an ideal choice for both personal and business use.

twin engine benefits - at an affordable price

The Piper Seneca has traditionally been one of the lowest cost piston twin engine aircraft to own and operate -- and remains so today -- making it the right choice for your multi-engine aircraft needs, and the right choice for your budget!

Speak with one of our aircraft sales & acquisition specialists to learn more! Call us today at (+1) 888-291-5387.

828 nm1,534 km

Max Range
(Endurance Cruise Setting)

200 ktas370 km/h

Maximum Cruising Speed

220 hp

(2) Turbocharged Engines

1,707 ft520 m

Takeoff Distance
(Over 50 ft Obstacle)

2,180 ft 664m

Landing Distance
(Over 50 ft Obstacle)

25,000 ft 7,620m

Maximum Approved Altitude

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Specifications & Performance


HMcCauley 3-Blade
Full-Feathering | Counter Rotating


Usable 122 US gal | 462 liters



(2) Turbocharged Continental
TSIO-360-RB 220 hp each


Wingspan: 38 ft. 11 in. | 11.9 m.
Length: 28 ft 7 in. | 8.7 m.
Height: 9 ft 11 in. | 3.0 m

Seneca Aircraft - Specs.png


Maximum Takeoff Wieght: 4,750 lbs | 2,155 kg
Maximum Ramp Weight: 4,773 lbs | 2,165 kg

Standard Equipped Weigh: 3,442 lbs | 1,561 kg
Standard Useful Load: 1,331 lbs | 604 kg

Design Options: Your Aircraft - Your Way

Seneca Interior Snapshot.jpeg

Seneca interior configurations:

Seneca Aircraft - Summit interior - Grey Colorways.png
Seneca Aircraft - Mesa Interior - Camel Colorways copy.png

Distinctive Piper Seneca offers the perfect balance of comfort and capability.  Engineered with the maxiumum amount of interior space in mind, Seneca's cabin is configured with legroom to spare. The welcoming cabin accommodates four passentgers in comfortable, soft leather club seating.  And an expansive side entrance with gull-wing baggage compartment can accommodate even the most oversized cargo!  Make it yours! 

Download the Brochure

Piper Seneca Aircraft - Brochure 2017 - Cover.png

Credentials & Affiliations

FAA FAA Air Carrier Certificate_FRIA997D NBAA Member ARGUS Gold NATA Member Wyvern Registered NATA