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Multi-Engine Adventure, Multi-Engine Peace of Mind

Tubocharged 6-Place Piston Twin

If your flying time is predominantly spent over water, at night, or above mountains or other inhospitable terrain, the redundancy of the twin-engine Piper Seneca V will provide the reliability –and peace of mind – you require.

And for those who simply aspire to the challenges of operating a multi-engine airplane, the proven performance of the Piper Seneca V make it a great choice.

With thousands of Piper Seneca’s in operation around the globe providing safe, reliable business travel to remote locations typically not serviced by commercial airlines, the Piper Seneca V is a tested performer.

The Seneca V offers exceptional configuration flexibility and the comfort of a cabin-class interior, making it an ideal choice for both personal and business use.

*Specifications & Equipment:

  • Max Cruising Speed: 197 ktas (365 km/h)
  • Range with 45 minute reserve: 826 nm (1533 km)
  • Standard Useful Load: 1,376 lbs (624 kg)
  • Number of Seats: 6
  • Service Ceiling:  25,000 ft (7,620 m)
  • Engine: (2) Continental Turbocharged TSIO-360-RB, 220 hp each (Learn about turbocharged aircraft engines here.)
  • Wing Span: 38.9 ft (11.9 m)
  • Length: 28.6 ft (8.7m)
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The Piper Seneca has traditionally been one of the lowest cost piston twin engine aircraft to own and operate -- and remains so today -- making it the right choice for your multi-engine aircraft needs, and the right choice for your budget!


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*Specifications Change periodically.  If any discrepancies or conflicts arise between specs listed and the official purchase agreement, the official purchase agreement shall take precedence.
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