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Lear 35 - Light Jet for Air Charter

Cabin Length: 15.5 ft.
Cabin Width: 4.7 ft.
Cabin Height: 4.8 ft.
Passengers: Up to 8
Max. Range: 2933 mi.
Cruising Speed: 395 mph
Westwind II for Private Air Charter


Luxury, performance, range

The Westwind II private jet is unique among medium jets in its combination of features and benefits. It all begins with the distinctive shape of the cabin which is ovoid, rather than pure oval, resulting in a more spacious cabin with greater head and shoulder room.  Not only do passengers have more room while seated but they also intrude less on the space of others when moving about the cabin.

The Westwind II accommodates up to eight passengers in luxury leather seating.  With passenger comfort in mind, the Westwind II also features a full lavatory and mini galley.  And for those requiring an 'office in the sky', the newest model Westwind IIs include an onboard flight phone and two 110v outlets — while the entertainment centers with DVD /CD players and individual headsets can keep everyone else occupied.

attention to detail

Aircraft designers also paid attention to baggage storage, including cargo space to hold up to 1,000 lbs (70 cubic feet) of luggage or other cargo -- making the Westwind II ideal for those planning longer trips with greater baggage requirements. 

Engine placement was also thoughtful on the Westwind II, with engines placed close to 13 feet behind the rear cabin bulkhead, resulting in an interior noise level that is significantly lower than that found in comparable light jets.  Additionally, the mid-mounted wings mean smoother overall flights with less jarring when in turbulent air.

auxilliary tanks provide exceptional range

The Westwind II is also exceptional in performance and range allowing passengers to travel farther and faster than other medium jets.  The Westwind II has a standard range of over 2500 statute miles. With auxiliary tanks, that range is increased to almost 3,000 miles making the Westwind II one of the few medium jets that can traverse the Atlantic Ocean without refueling.

Overall, the Westwind II provides both the business and private air traveler with an excellent private jet option regardless of where they want to travel in the continental United States -- and even overseas.  Its range, speed and accommodations can make any cross country flight a relaxing pleasure rather than a necessary chore.

All our Charter flights offer a wide selection of catering and concierge services, in order to provide complete quality and satisfaction.  Specific requests can be arranged prior to your flight when you make your reservation.

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