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Piper Aircraft Maintenance Services


authorized piper aircraft service center

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Shoreline Aviation has been an authorized Piper Service Center since 1995.

We take pride in treating each and every aircraft with the greatest of care and maintaining your aircraft to the highest standards.  Safety is our number one priority and delivering meticulous work—at a fair price—while truly understanding each customer's individual needs is what sets us apart.

We services all piper aircraft models

Our highly trainedtechnicians are experts on all Piper aircraft models including Piper's newest M-Class M600, M500, M350 and Matrix as well as multi-engine Seneca V, and Seminole, Arrow and Archer pistons; all years and models. 

Our full team of experienced technicians is at your disposal to minimize down time ensure you'll be back in the skies as quickly as possible!

end-to-end services

Our services include routine maintenance and full scale overhauls, repairs and modifications as well as pre-purchase inspection, flight test and delivery. We treat every project—small and large—with the same care and attention to detail.

And while your aircraft is being serviced, our dedicated team of technicians will keep you informed, providing ongoing updates and service recommendations, and will help you understand and evaluate all available options.

Busy?  We'll pick up and deliver your plane

We understand your time is valuable and our goal is to make servicing your aircraft painless. We regularly send our pilots to pick up aircraft for servicing—and we also make house calls!

Our maintenance technicians have travelled as far as Narsarssuak, Greenland—with parts and tools in-hand—within hours of receiving an emergency call for maintenance.

Contact us today at 781.834.4928 to speak with one of our experts about your Piper aircraft maintenance needs! 

Download our Aircraft Maintenance Brochure

Download our complimentary brochure to receive all the details on our aircraft maintenance services. 

our piper aircraft maintenance services include:

Pre-purchase inspections Annual inspections
Factory warranty fulfillment Airframe & power plant inspections
Landing gear overhauls Oil analysis
Avionics inspections Pressurization system checks
Battery capacity checks Air conditioning system repair
Genuine Piper Aircraft parts Engine overhaul
Speedbrakes/Spoilers installation Interior refurbishment
Heated windshield maintenance Engine monitoring systems
Dynamic propeller balancing Hot section inspection
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  • Zerion AuRacle Engine Monitoring Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • PreciseFlight Speedbrake, Oxygen Standby Vacuum Systems on select Piper models (PreciseFlight Speedbrake shown here.) 
  • PreciseFlight Speedbrake, Oxygen and Standby Vacuum Systems on Cessna, Mooney, Beechcraft and P

Field Maintenance Services

We also perform field maintenance in remote or underserved locations such as Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard where emergency services are not readily available.  

When Shoreline customer Tom Scott, Co-Founder of Nantucket Nectars, broke down on a round-the-the-world journey in his Piper Cheyenne, Ed Novak, Director of Maintenance, was enroute to Narsarssuak, Greenland within hours of receiving the call.  Ed had a fuel bladder and tools in his suitcase and within hours of his arrival, Tom and his wife Emily were able to continue their journey! 

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Speed Brake

Credentials & Affiliations

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