Shoreline Aviation offers expert dynamic propeller balancing services for all piston and turbine powered single and twin engine personal and business aircraft including but not limited to Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Cessna, and TBM models. Contact us to inquire about your aircraft or with any questions regarding service.

Why Should I Worry About Balancing My Propeller?

Vibration is the single-most common cause of engine, airframe, and avionics wear-and-tear, reducing the longevity of expensive aircraft components including flight instruments, propeller spinners, vacuum pumps, exhaust systems, engine cowlings and moreā€”not just its rotating parts.

What Does It Do For My Aircraft?

Proper propeller balancing minimizes overall vibration levels throughout your aircraft, providing a smoother ride and increasing the service life of all components. Depending on the level of imbalance, quite often a properly balanced propeller leads to noticeable noise level reduction, and improved ride quality and comfort.

How Often Should I Have My Aircraft Propeller Balanced?

We recommend propeller balancing for all new planes, and we advocate checking balance upon annual inspection. Propeller balancing should also be performed after a prop or engine overhaul and following any major propeller repairs. Learn more about propeller safety.