Charitable Giving

Our charitable giving programs support public safety, child welfare, compassion flights, educational scholarships, community service and environmental initiatives. Whether we are hosting a Regional Safety Day or Molly Movie Mania, supporting Patient Airlift Service (PALs) or wildlife rescue flights, sponsoring the Molly Fund, Boys & Girls Club, the Marshfield Food Pantry, Marshfield Education Foundation events, or supporting Project Embrace for homeless children, our team is focused on giving back to our community.


Inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals is another key goal for our team. We enjoy providing tours to local school groups and Scouts and taking countless young people for their first flight lesson. Hundreds of area youth have started careers at KGHG, and hundreds more will in the future.

Many of Marshfield’s high school students have held part time jobs, trained and received their pilot’s license or mechanic’s license at Marshfield Municipal Airport. Marshfield can be proud that many of these young people have gone on to have successful careers as Airline Executives, Military Pilots, Aerospace Engineers, Airline Pilots, Flight Instructors, Corporate Pilots, Airport Managers, and Aviation Technicians, because their career was given a jump start at Marshfield Airport.

Public Safety and Compassion Flights

KGHG serves an important role in Public Safety and Law Enforcement. The Coast Guard, State Police, National Guard, and other local agencies fly out of KGHG to facilitate search and rescue operations, fire patrol, life-saving emergency medical transport and organ transport, federal and local law enforcement activities, wildlife and environmental monitoring flights. In close coordination with public safety and law enforcement agencies, Marshfield Airport is a vital component of the region’s emergency management and response infrastructure. The Airport provides a base for emergency medical flights, transporting serious emergencies to hospitals in Boston and elsewhere, 24/7/365.

Through organizations like Angel Flight Northeast, and Patient Airlift Service, free assistance is provided to families in need for non-emergency medical transport. Pilots out of Marshfield Airport donate their aircraft, all expenses and their time to transport pediatric and adult patients to specialized medical facilities for life saving treatments.

Contributing to the Local Economy

Marshfield Airport, its employees, users, and visitors patronize many local businesses. The airport is a vital source of tourism business for Marshfield restaurants, inns, taxi and limousine services, car rental agencies, shops and vendors of all kinds. Many local enterprises receive a significant amount of revenue from airport-related activities. We market our community to area pilots and encourage them to enjoy all that our beautiful seaside town has to offer.

Many local businesses own, rent and charter aircraft to get them to parts of the state and country not serviced by commercial airlines, which gives them a competitive edge. Even local fishermen utilize aircraft from Marshfield for fish-spotting activities. Proximity to a general aviation airport is often a major factor for companies and executives selecting a site for a new office or headquarters.

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