Personalized Services

Acquiring an aircraft opens doors to new markets, increases productivity, expands business opportunities and empowers passengers with control over their entire itinerary. We take great pride in simplifying aircraft ownership and its accompanying responsibility, thus allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits without worrying about the process.

Our team of aviation professionals is ready to provide expert advice and practical solutions for equipment selection, acquisition, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, insurance procurement, financing, flight crew selection, flight training, and any other detail related to the acquisition or sale of an aircraft. During the acquisition or sales process, our Director of Maintenance provides support to the sales staff as well as prospective buyers regarding the condition and maintenance history of our sales listings. Experienced pilots conduct test flights and pre/post inspection evaluations.

From sales staff to maintenance, flight crews, detailers and ground crews, our entire team works together on behalf of you, our valued client. During the acquisition process, we seek the best possible aircraft to meet your specific needs and negotiate on your behalf for the best value. Our expert maintenance personnel will ensure that the aircraft is in the condition we expect. The mission of our team is to protect your best interests and make aircraft acquisition and ownership a pleasurable experience.

Three Decades of Experience and a Track Record of Success

Shoreline Aviation has held its FAA Part 135 Air Charter Certificate since 1982. We’ve built our company, and our reputation, by earning the trust of our clients, one flight at a time, again and again.

Outstanding Safety Record

We operate and maintain each and every aircraft to the highest safety standards. Our pilots are highly experienced and trained to the strictest standards. Shoreline is ARG/US and Wyvern approved and has an accident and incident free safety record. Our SMS program is ICAO/IBAC IS-BAO/ ACSF/FAA Compliant. Shoreline is a member of NATA, NBAA and MBAA.

Full Service Management

When your aircraft is operated under Shoreline Aviation’s care, you benefit from our full-service aircraft management support, including all areas of service from flight planning, catering and hotel reservations to aircraft maintenance and fueling, to the provision of our highly trained flight crews and pilots. You no longer have to worry about hiring or training your own crew and your flight crews will consist of crew members you know and are comfortable with.

Your Aircraft, Maintained in Top Condition

When we add your aircraft to our management group, it will be maintained to the most rigorous safety and performance standards. Careful attention is paid to managing maintenance costs while at the same time preserving asset value and minimizing downtime.

Unrivaled Customer Care

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, high level of service and attention to detail. At Shoreline Aviation, you’re not just a number. You’ll be working directly with company owners and management, with no layers in between. You’ll receive personal attention and direct contact with the individuals who will be involved in all the decisions regarding management of your aircraft. One of the many benefits of owning your own aircraft is the peace of mind of knowing YOUR flight crew, knowing how YOUR aircraft is maintained and experiencing personalized service beyond what you have ever known before.