Washington D.C. Charters

Visiting Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., the nation's capitol, is a city every person should visit at least once in their lifetime!  D.C. was officially founded in 1790 after congress approved it to become the nation's capital, as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution.  As such, D.C. is not actually considered a state.  It is instead a planned city, governed by a mayor and city council, with only shadow (non-voting) representation in Congress.

Because the city houses all three branches of government, much of the commerce there directly serves those interests.  As might be expected, many government agencies are housed in D.C. as well more than 150 foreign embassies. The International Monetary Fund, World Bank and numerous trade unions, lobby organizations and nonprofit foundations also call D.C. home.

While serving as a hub of government and industry, Washington D.C. also boasts some of the best tourist attractions in the world!  Some highlights to consider include the U.S. Capitol itself of course, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and National Air & Space Museum, Union Station, Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial, the National Gallery of Art and the Library of Congress -- just to name a few!

Washington D.C. is brimming with history, character and almost limitless museums, restaurants, performing arts & entertainment and local attractions. You will most certainly enjoy your stay!

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