Corona Virus Update

All flight crews are fully vaccinated for your safety and ours.

Aircraft Rental – Diamond DA20 (VFR or IFR)
  • Note: Due to fluctuating fuel costs, an hourly fuel surcharge may apply.
  • Regular Rate: $140/Hour
Introductory Flight Lesson

So you’ve decided you’d like to get a Private Pilot Certificate, but what is the next step?  An Introductory Flight Lesson, of course!  The “Intro Flight” begins with approximately half an hour of ground school, followed by a half hour of in-flight instruction.

The FAA certified flight Instructor will begin the lesson by explaining the basics of aircraft design, the fundamentals of flight, safety, and pre-flight aircraft inspection.  After the ground portion is complete, the student and instructor will board the aircraft and take to the sky.  You’re allowed to do as much of the flying as you’d like, beginning with taxing, takeoff, cruise, maneuvers, and even landing!  Soaring high above coastal Massachusetts is a life changing experience, especially when you’re at the controls of a plane! Don’t worry, all of our training aircraft have dual controls, which means your experienced Instructor is with you every step of the way!  An added bonus: the half hour of flight time during the Introductory Flight can be logged towards a Private Pilot license!

The total time for an Introductory Flight is approximately 1.5 hours.

  • $135
Extended Introductory Flight Lesson

If you know a pilot, ask them what the worst part of any flight is.  Typically the answer is going to be “turning the engine off at the end of the flight.”  Shoreline Aviation understands that flying can be addicting, which is why we now offer an “extended Introductory Flight.”  Just like the standard one hour introductory flight, the lesson begins with an approximately half hour safety briefing and pre-flight inspection, followed by A FULL HOUR of flight time.    The FAA requires you to log only 40 hours of flight time (actual time may vary), so after one hour of flying you’re well on your way to a pilot’s license!

The total time for an extended Introductory Flight is approximately 2 hours.

  • $210
Introductory Package Special
  • Includes 7 hours of dual flight instruction in a Piper Warrior at a reduced hourly rate plus two hours of ground school. A great way to get started!
  • $1,380
Block Payment Discounts
  • Block payment entitles the customer to rent the aircraft at the discounted club rates listed above.
  • $2,000
Aircraft Rental – Piper Warriors (VFR or IFR)
  • Note: Due to high fuel costs, an hourly fuel surcharge may apply.
  • Regular Rate: $120/Hour
  • Club Rate: $115/Hour

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