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Bahamas Air Charter - Private Air Charter Flights

Welcome to Shoreline Aviation—your source for exceptional Bahamas air charter flights and private jet services to/from an array of Bahamas islands destinations.

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is at your service to ensure you enjoy the best flight experience, every time you fly. Since 1981, we’ve built our reputation on providing incomparable customer service and ensuring every flight detail is executed to the highest standards—without compromise.

Call us at 1.888.291.5387 to request a quote or complete the form below—and discover the Shoreline Aviation difference!

All Jet Sizes. Bahamas and Beyond…

Shoreline Aviation is a leading provider of private and corporate jet charter services. We arrange private charters to and from the United States to the Bahamas Islands. You choose your aircraft—from Piston Twins to Gulfstream Jets—and we’ll schedule the plane that suits your needs.

We regularly schedule flights to Bahamas destinations from locations across the U.S. as well as flights from popular departure airports including Boston (BOS), New York’s La Guardia Airport (LGA) and John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) as well as Florida’s conveniently located Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Miami International Airport (MIA).

With its incredible array of islands, the Bahamas boast a multitude of airports to serve your travel needs including Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN) and Grand Bahama International Airport (MYGF)—both of which have US border preclearance facilities, and frequently utilized airports such as Marsh Harbour International Airport (MYAM), San Salvadore Airport (MYSM), Exuma International Airport (MYEF), North Eleuthera Airport (MYEH) Treasure Cay Airport (MYAT), South Bimini Airport (MYBS) and Chub Cay International Airport (MYBC).

Our air charter service teams will help select the right airport closest to your destination!

We also offer flights to—and departing from—all other airports serving the general public.

Call us at 1.888.291.JETS (5387) to discuss your Bahamas travel itinerary. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you plan your trip!

Visiting The Bahamas

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, just South West of Miami, the Bahamas (or as they are officially known, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas) include over 700 islands sprawled across more than 100,000 square miles of ocean.

With so many destination choices, this beautiful oasis offers an unlimited variety of beautiful beaches and island activities—no matter what your vacation style. From remote, hidden getaways for quiet relaxation, to snorkeling and boating excursions for the most driven adventure-seekers; from museums and galleries to music festivals and other cultural diversions to trendy upscale neighborhoods with food, shopping and nightlife options to satisfy every whim.

The Bahamas truly offer ‘something for everyone’—whether you’re traveling as an individual or as a couples or family, you’ll make the Bahamas your own.

Find Your Destination

With so many options, choosing your destination can be overwhelming! This Island Finder tool offered by the official the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism can help you choose!

For a complete list of Bahamas islands, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, and other accommodation, island activities and more visit the Bahamas Official Website / Visitor’s Bureau (CVB).

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