August greetings from Shoreline Aviation!

Proud parents Mark and Julie Stiles congratulate their son Tim after his successful inaugural solo flights.

So, what ever happened to summer going by slooooowly this time? Here on the South Shore of Massachusetts, we’ve dipped down into mild summer temps – little need for the AC looking out to Labor Day and beyond. Wow, has summer flown by! And double wow, did we experience a super cool event here at Shoreline Aviation!


Marshfield teen makes his place in local aviation’s books

Shortly after our July newsletter went out, we gathered at Marshfield Municipal Airport, KGHG, to witness something special indeed. Local teenager Tim Stiles and his family arrived on his 16th birthday morning for Tim’s first solo flight. Yes, his first solo flight, at merely 16 years old!

Tim had been taking flight lessons with Shoreline certified flight instructor Roger Means since he was 14. Back then, Tim asked his parents to take him to the airport so he could see it. After all, it was located in his hometown, and he was intensely curious to learn about it. Tim and his parents – Julie and Mark Stiles – met Roger at KGHG. Roger, a longtime Shoreline flight instructor, quickly took to the fascinated 14-year-old – whom he affectionately calls Kiddo – and before long took him up on an introductory flight. Tim took a few lessons over the coming months, and, “I got the bug.”

“I started lessons in 2021,” Tim said. “I wanted to fly, so we came to the airport and met Roger. I took a flight, and that was it; I got the bug. I’d like to turn flying into a career.”

Julie’s parents drove an hour from home to join in. They chatted amiably as to how hard Tim, the youngest of three boys, had been working at his lessons and how proud they were of him.

Julie said Tim was adamant about taking lessons. “He works at a pizza shop after school to pay for his lessons,” she said. “He does a lot of research at home. He’s very determined to do this!”

Tim Stiles goes through his checklist inspections

Tim Stiles goes through his checklist inspections as he prepares for his first solo flight. Note the video camera mounted to the wing to record his experience.


But this day it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately for Tim and his family, the weather didn’t cooperate. The morning fog didn’t lift enough, cross winds picked up, and after a lengthy wait, Roger had to call it.

Two days later, however, conditions were fine. After a takeoff and landing with his instructor, Tim was ready. Roger departed the Piper Warrior trainer, and it was all Tim’s time. He coasted along the taxi runway to the end, paused for yet another instrument check, then turned onto Runway 24.

“Ah ha ha ha!” Means exclaimed. The Piper raced along the runway, quickly accelerating as the piston engine issued its gentle roar. “No turning back!” Smoothly, the plane lifted into the air. “He’s up! A perfect takeoff!”

The engine purred from above as the plane flew past his parents, watching intensely.

Tim Stiles flies past his family on his first solo flight.

Tim Stiles flies past his family on his first solo flight.


“I’ll tell you what,” Means said to Tim’s parents. “He’ll remember that for the rest of his life!”

In all, Tim executed what his instructor called three “perfect” takeoffs and landings. Solo.

A giant leap for this Marshfield teen!

Flight instructor Roger Means proudly poses with his teenage student Tim Stiles

Flight instructor Roger Means proudly poses with his teenage student Tim Stiles


We thought area residents would enjoy Tim’s story and shared it with local newspapers. It was featured prominently in the newspaper of nearby America’s Hometown; it was the sole story on Page A3 of Plymouth, Massachusetts’ Old Colony Memorial, and it ran in other area papers.

You can read more of Tim’s story here.

Want to learn more about flying lessons at KGHG? Read all about it here.


Calling all pilots!

Are you a Citation 560 (Encore+, V) or Citation XL/XLS+ pilot? Interested in kicking your career into high gear? Shoreline Aviation is looking for a few good pilots to help lead our growing charter company into the future. Take a look at our job descriptions here. Interested? Let us know!


Marshfield Scouts earn Aviation Merit Badges at KGHG

Tim wasn’t the only teen to get some deserving attention at the airport this summer. Scouts from local troops 101 and 424 got a lesson in pre-flight preparation as well as some up-close lessons in aviation physics. They took these and other steps to earn their Aviation Merit Badges.

Marshfield Airport Commissioner Patrick MacAlister and his wife, Erin, led the Scouts, including their daughter, Peri, on a tour of a propeller plane Monday, August 14, with Shoreline Aviation Director of Operations P.J. Flanagan. Patrick took the Scouts through preflight checklist steps, and P.J. described how the plane’s mechanical functions work.

Patrick and P.J. earned their pilot’s licenses in their early 20s. Patrick flew small prop planes and eventually helicopters. P.J. went on to become a pilot for Delta Air Lines and flew jets all over the world. He also served as Delta’s chief pilot. Becoming Shoreline’s DO after retiring from Delta keeps him at home on the South Shore, where he lives with his wife.

Marshfield Airport Commissioner Patrick MacAlister and Shoreline Aviation Director of Operations P.J. Flanagan take local Scouts through preflight checklist steps.

Marshfield Airport Commissioner Patrick MacAlister and Shoreline Aviation Director of Operations P.J. Flanagan take local Scouts through preflight checklist steps.


Patrick took the Scouts, ages 11-16, through the steps of a preflight checklist, from how to be sure the fuel is okay, to checking the antenna and lights, and even inspecting rivets on the wings.

He also had each Scout sit in the cockpit, where he explained the instrumentation and showed how turning and moving the wheel affect the wing flaps, front and back.

P.J. explained some of the physics involved in flying. He described how propellor shape and curve design results in a plane being propelled forward. He also described the design of the plane’s wing shape, called an airfoil. The wing is slightly rounded on top and flat on the bottom and tapers back. The result causes pressure from under the wing to raise a plane against the lesser pressure on top. P.J. told the Scouts that this was the scientific principle known as the Bernoulli Effect at work.

The Scouts satisfied the list of requirements to earn their Aviation Merit Badges. Scouts have to complete six action steps in five categories of tasks to earn the badge.

Marshfield Airport Commissioner Patrick MacAlister describes instrumentation to local Scouts.

Marshfield Airport Commissioner Patrick MacAlister describes instrumentation to local Scouts.


Following the prop plane lessons, P.J. took the Scouts into Shoreline’s jet hangar to investigate a Citation jet.

“We were able to get through all of the requirements,” Patrick said. “The kids had flown in the past or used a flight simulator. The highlight was going into the Citation and P.J. letting each kid sit in the pilot seat! After, we all made and tested foam airplanes on the grass and went over the remaining requirements, including airports, aviation carriers, different types of engines and took questions.”

You can read more about it and see more photos here.


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This Citation XLS+ jet will become part of Shoreline Aviation's charter fleet this fall.

This Citation XLS+ jet will become part of Shoreline Aviation’s charter fleet this fall.


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We hope you’re enjoying this flying by summer!

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