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Hello heat! Summer is sizzling here on the South Shore of Massachusetts, with lots going on at Shoreline and KGHG.


Welcome Operations Director P.J. Flanagan to Shoreline Aviation!

P.J. earned his pilot’s license at 21 years old. Now, 16,000 hours-worth of flying time later, he sees his principal role in aviation as that of mentor to today’s younger pilots. And he’s still racking up the flying hours.

The husband, father and grandfather flew with Delta Air Lines for 24 years, nearly five of those as chief pilot. He flew Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas jets of all sizes to destinations across Europe and Asia. He says flying former President Jimmy and First Lady Rosalynn Carter ranks high among his many memorable career moments.

Upon retiring from Delta in 2020, P.J. renovated his and wife Doris’ home here on Massachusetts’ South Shore. But then he got antsy and needed to get back into the captain’s seat.


P.J. Flanagan has been named director of operations for Shoreline Aviation Inc.

P.J. Flanagan has been named director of operations for Shoreline Aviation Inc.


At Shoreline – which he returned to after a short previous stint – he sees his biggest value in using his extensive experience to help pilots learn to step up and achieve certification to fly business jets in the charter world.

“I’m really looking forward to mentoring younger pilots through their profession,” he says, “and helping to use the many tools we learned at a large airline to operate planes safely in a complicated environment.”

You can find P.J.’s intro writeup on the Shoreline Leadership page of our website.




Shoreline’s charter fleet gets a big bump!

The latest model of the Citation XL series of business jets will soon join Shoreline Aviation’s charter fleet. This fall, this beautiful Citation XLS+ is expected to be ready to serve you and your team’s charter flight needs. And right out of Marshfield Municipal Airport!

Building on the hugely successful Citation Excel model, Cessna created its XLS model and now the XLS+, offering a roomy, fast and super comfortable flight experience. With its improved Pratt and Whitney turbofans it can cruise at over 500 MPH and has a range of over 2,000 miles.


This Citation XLS+ joins Shoreline Aviation’s charter fleet.

This Citation XLS+ joins Shoreline Aviation’s charter fleet.


Once pilot training and testing are complete and the aircraft is approved by the FAA, the XLS+ will be ready to take clients to their destinations in its tall and wide cabin and nestled in cushy, comfortable seats.

We’ll let you know when it’s ready. In the meantime, you can learn more about the complete fleet lineup by talking with a Shoreline charter flight specialist today – just call 888.291.5387 or 781.834.4928.




Charter customer wears Shoreline Aviation cap on the Nile

Allen Snyder has been checking a few things off his bucket list.

He wanted to fly somewhere in a private jet. He wanted to visit Gander, Newfoundland. And he wanted to cruise along the Nile River.

The first he accomplished on a Shoreline Aviation flight. The second came as the destination of the Shoreline flight. The third he achieved flying British Airways – and he wore his Shoreline Aviation cap while navigating the Nile!

Allen, from Boston, hadn’t been a charter traveler, and he was recommended to use Shoreline’s services by a client who was.

“I didn’t need to go on a long trip; I just wanted to fly a private jet and cross that off my list,” he said. “So, I picked a place I really wanted to see, for its history and to experience a place that was renowned by its human kindness.”

Gander International Airport is midway between the US and Europe when flying the Great Circle route between New York and London. Planes would fuel there during WWII, and it became a regular refueling depot for trans-Atlantic flights after the war.

But it was the immediate aftermath of 9-11 that brought fame to Gander and Gander to Allen Snyder.

When terrorists struck from the air that fateful day, the FAA immediately closed off American airspace, and a whole lot of planes couldn’t land in the States. Thirty-eight planes, carrying about 7,000 passengers, were directed to Gander.

Strangers took in strangers, providing food and shelter for days, until the US airspace was cleared for air travel again.

So, in 2019 Allen traveled by charter to Gander with his then girlfriend, his brother, and his brother’s wife. He not only got a great trip out of the adventure; he also got a great hat!

Yes, that’s Allen in the photo wearing his Shoreline Aviation cap he received during this charter experience. And that’s the hat he chose to take roughly 5,500 miles to visit Egypt in June and cruise the Nile with his current girlfriend.


Allen Snyder wears his Shoreline Aviation cap during his trip along the Nile River. Photo courtesy of Allen Snyder

Allen Snyder wears his Shoreline Aviation cap during his trip along the Nile River. Photo courtesy of Allen Snyder


Allen said they spent about five days on the river and the rest of their two-week trip on a standard tourism excursion. And how did his Shoreline cap work? Just take a look at the smile in the photo!

Truth be known, though, Allen’s Shoreline hat is not his favorite.

“My favorite hat is my American University hat,” he said. “That’s where my daughter works. But I’d use Shoreline again!”

You can read more of Allen’s story here.




We were tickled to run our story about the South Shore Flying Club on our website newsroom pages – which we noted here last month. We were doubly tickled to see it run in The Patriot Ledger newspaper out of Quincy, MA, the Old Colony Memorial newspaper out of Plymouth, and the Coastal Mariner newspaper out of Marshfield and Scituate.

The longtime club owns two single-prop planes that are flown by about two dozen members. There are all sorts of great reasons to belong to one of the 1,100 flying clubs in the country. You can read about the South Shore Flying Club right here in the Patriot Ledger and also enjoy a collection of their photos here.

Photo: The Marshfield-based South Shore Flying Club’s low-wing Piper Archer III and high-wing Cessna 172 Skyhawk fly in formation.




How do you value your time?

You likely already know many benefits of chartering flights. Such as, when chartering you get to travel with your team where you want, when you want. You can hold private meetings on the plane, and you can get to multiple destinations in just a day!

Shoreline’s Charter Team can take you to over 5,000 public access airports just in the US. That’s 10 times the locations commercial airlines can go to. Your time, your schedule, your way.

For more info, please visit us online here, or call Shoreline Aviation at Marshfield Municipal Airport KGHG at 888.291.JETS or 781.834.4928 and chat with our Charter Team. And you can click here for a charter quote.




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We hope you enjoy your sizzling summer!

Your friends at Shoreline

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