Shoreline Aviation flight training student embraces the blue

Shoreline Aviation flight training

For some pilots, the flying bug runs in the family. 

Such as with Kassi Slowey, who’s taking flying lessons at Shoreline Aviation to earn her Private Pilot’s License. 

“Both of my parents fly,” she says. “My dad is a Cape Air pilot, and my mom flies for fun.” 

Her mom, she says, had a small plane. “Very small, and very slow,” she says with a wide grin.

It’s easy to see that Kassi is from the south. On a magically 80-something degree day in April, the transplanted Tenneseean keeps warm in coat and long pants. Her flight instructor, South Shore resident Mike Brown, is dressed for the sudden summery New England weather in shorts and company T-shirt. 

Now hailing from Cape Cod, 21-year-old Kassi visits Shoreline, at Marshfield Municipal Airport KGHG, for her flying lessons. She began lessons several years back but became sidetracked and recently picked it back up. Mike says she’s just three or four hours from soloing. 

She says she discovered Shoreline’s flight training program online ( Google searches for “flight school” rank fairly steady through the year with a relative interest rank averaging about 80 (spring and summer rank highest). Massachusetts is in the top half of all states. 

Shoreline flight training checklist

Kassi and Mike go through the flight training check list together, including looking at fuel levels, conducting an engine review, and confirming tire pressure of the Piper Warrior II training plane. Then Kassi climbs into the pilot’s seat with Mike next to her in the co-pilot’s seat – equipped with full instrumentation for the instructor to assume control if needed. 

Kassi Slowey, Mike Brown

Kassi Slowey checks fuel levels with instructor Mike Brown.


Mike Brown, Kassi Slowey

Instructor Mike Brown conducts an engine check with student Kassi Slowey.


Mike Brown, Kassi Slowey, Shoreline Aviation

Flight instructor Mike Brown checks the Piper Warrior II’s tires with student Kassi Slowey.


Shoreline Aviation, Mike Brown, Kassi Slowey

Flight training student Kassi Slowey taxis in Shoreline Aviation’s Piper Warrior II with instructor Mike Brown.


Shoreline Aviation, Piper Warrior II

Shoreline flight student Kassi Slowey takes off with instructor Mike Brown.


Shoreline Aviation, Kassi Slowey, Mike Brown

With Shoreline Aviation head flight instructor Mike Brown at her side, student Kassi Slowey embraces the blue in Shoreline’s Piper Warrior II trainer.


This day, that isn’t needed. Kassi performed several successful takeoffs and landings. She finished her session with an even wider smile!

Kassi experienced her first flight on a small plane at age 8. Now, 13 years later, she’s soon to join the thousands of aviators who embrace the blue with their Private Pilot’s License. 

Mike, Shoreline’s head flight instructor, has been flying for about a dozen years and instructing for several of those. He’s also rated to fly passengers as Pilot in Command of the popular, powerful Pilatus PC-12 turboprop plane. 

You could say Mike has flying in his blood too. His dad flew for Southwest Airlines for over two decades. 

Call 888.291.5387 or 781.834.4928 to talk with Mike about Shoreline’s flight training. 

And more information about getting a pilot’s license is available from the FAA

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