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Marshfield Airport - George Harlow Airfield (GHG)


welcome to marshfield airport!

Marshfield Airport-Harlow Field (GHG) is located just outside Boston's Class B airspace to the southeast.  The newly paved runway 06/24 replaces the original 3,000-by-75 foot stretch with a 3,900-by-100 foot runway which includes 300’ safety buffers at each end.  Using the new declared distances, the runway provides 3,600 feet for takeoff and 3,300 feet for landing.  GPS LPV approaches are now available for each runway with minimums rivaling traditional ILS instrument approaches.

Aircraft operating into and out of GHG range from piston powered single engine aircraft to helicopters, multi-engine turboprops and light jets. VFR fixed-wing traffic should use the standard left-hand traffic pattern. VFR rotor-wing traffic should use right traffic.  Advisories are available on Unicom 122.8. Runway, taxiway and PAPI lights are activated with 7 clicks on 122.8.

There is ample parking for transient aircraft and overnight hangar space may be available with prior notice. Many of our tiedowns are equipped with electrical outlets to plug in engine heaters and pre-heats are also available.

noise abatement

IMPORTANT: For noise abatement, all aircraft should perform engine run-ups at the mid-field ramp.  On departure, when practical, all aircraft should climb straight out to 700 feet prior to making any turns.  Touch and go landings are prohibited from 2100-0730 local time.

We work very hard to ensure that we are a good neighbor to the residents of Marshfield and appreciate your cooperation with noise abatement procedures! 

aircraft fuel

Quality Phillips 66 Avgas (100LL) and Jet A with prist are available via fuel trucks.  For up-to-date fuel prices (guaranteed to be accurate) and more information on our facility, please click here.  

Our fuel prices are some of the best in the Northeast!

For additional airport information and diagrams, please click on the link below:

AIRNAV - Marshfield Airport/KGHG: http://www.airnav.com/airport/KGHG

weather information

Area weather information is available on AWOS Freq. 120.0 or by dialing 781-837-0555 for a recorded observation.

Notice to Pilots

We encourage all pilots to obtain a complete weather briefing, including checking for NOTAMS and TFRs, prior to every flight. Briefings are available through Bridgeport Flight Service Station by calling 1-866-293-5149.

If you are planning to arrive or depart after hours, please be sure to contact us at 781-834-4928 for an update on after-hours security procedures.

visiting marshfield

Thinking of flying to Marshfield Airport KGHG/GHG?  Enjoy our convenient courtesy shuttle to our beautiful beaches, sites, restaurants and activities in and around Marshfield.  The South shore is very scenic and has several wonderful inns for your overnight accommodations.

There are also many wonderful places to dine, especially if you love fresh seafood.  Sandwich and coffee shops are also nearby, within walking distance.  

We're happy to provide a courtesy shuttle to local restaurants, accommodations and beaches.  And for longer distances, Enterprise rentals cars, taxis and executive sedans/limos are readily available.

Sportfishing is a major industry in Marshfield's Green Harbor and guided fishing excursions are a popular activity for visiting pilots.  Catch Giant Tuna, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cod and more!  Arrive the night before and stay minutes from the Harbor at the Fairview Inn for your early morning launch.

Capt. Jeff DePersia, Chasin Tail Charters, Tel:  781-706-2565

Capt. Ralph Pratt, Michael Kevin, Inc. (April, May, June for Cod & Haddock), Tel:  781-828-7797

Capt. Dave Patry, Cathy Ann Charters, Tel:  781-724-7874

We hope to see you soon!  Please don't hesitate to contact us at 781-834-4928 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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